Finish Update

Although this was meant to be made in 2 days for the Paint Jam, it actually turned out due to some life commitments that it took a bit longer, but here is now the finished Jam Version of the game.

Stuff that was added since the very original post:

  • Enemies can only "see" the player if they are on the same floor
  • Lighting optimisations
  • Tutorial
  • Gameover screen being fixed
  • Player Sprite
  • Enemy Art
  • Lamp Art
  • Improved Gameplay Balances
  • Fixed Bug where enemies can phase through walls on certain corners
  • Created cover and took screenshots
  • Added Title to Main Menu
  • Added Minigames/interactions to main menu
  • Added more enemy names

So yeah! It's a lot more stuff, and it really ties the game into a fun and playable state. Sadly there is still no sound, but everything else is in there.

Have fun!


The Soup Swindler Windows 4 MB
May 03, 2021
The Soup Swindler LOVE 71 kB
May 03, 2021
Soup Play in browser
May 03, 2021

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