A downloadable game for Windows

You are a Duck. And you want to eat Crackers.

Run around as a variety of Ducks in 15 different Levels, each unique and many with dynamic features. Wear the best hat to show your superiority and flair (although the best ones you may have to find yourself).

Unlock up to 5 different game modes and use a variety of modifiers to change up how you play (in some quite wacky ways).

Use "Quack Attacks" to knockback and stun players and crackers in an AOE around you. In Quack Attack, Cracker Thief and Golden Cracker gamemodes quacking other players becomes a vital part of gaining points.

Play with up to 4 people on both the keyboard and using xbox controllers.

This Game was made over the period of December 2018. And yes, the entire game was based off the pun.


  • Keyboard
    • WASD, IJKL and arrow keys to move
    • E, O and / to quack respectively
    • Escape to exit the round or quit the game
  • Controller
    • Left Stick to move
    • A, B, X or Y to quack
    • Use D-Pad and bumpers to change hats and ducks in the menu
  • Mouse
    • Use the mouse in the menu to select and navigate

Quack to Ready Up, Select Hats and Ducks in the menu

To make the game look better, turn off DPI scaling for this executable

TagsLocal multiplayer, LÖVE, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4



Install instructions

To run Qwackers, simply download the .zip file, extract it and run the executable. Make sure that the exe is next to the dll's.

Development log


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is good gam :D