Sound and Puzzles Update

Woo! A new update, just in time for the end of the year.

With this update we've brought in a quite a few of the features that we didn't have time for originally.

New Features

- New Puzzles for 4 of the 6 enemies

- Sound Effects for fighting scenes

- Sound Effects for puzzle sequences

- Each character now has a unique dialogue sound

- Coloured text for specific words

Bug Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Derek's dialogue might freeze the game

 - Fixed an issue where playing multiple fighting runs might reduce starting HP

 - Fixed an issue where the game would crash when losing a puzzle too many times

 - Fixed an issue where Gabriel's dialogue didn't lead to the right option

 - Fixed an issue with the ambient sound cutting out and restarting

 - General performance increasements

 - Reduced size of .exe and .app

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Dec 31, 2022
Grata Monstrum Windows 21 MB
Dec 31, 2022
Grata Monstrum Mac 27 MB
Jan 01, 2023

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