Post Jam Updates!

Now that it's been (just over) a week since the original release of the game, we have managed to cram in a lot of bugfixes and improved content! Thank you to everyone who played Doomsdate in the first week, and to the PIG Squad for running the jam that let us make this project. :)

Bug Fixes

  • Prevented War and Famine UTF crashes
  • Changed dialogue in Famine, Conquest and War routes that were being said by the wrong character
  • Fixed player getting stuck when choosing "Rock" twice in the Rock, Paper, Scissors game
  • Fixed choices being greyed out after playing their route


  • Added minimum and maximum length to player name
  • Added Stratoswing splashscreen, including a few saxophone riffs
  • Added a Main Theme that plays on the title and credits, courtesy of Bsharp
  • Added a few lines of missing dialogue in the introduction
  • Added a new font for regular dialogue
  • Allowed for typing on the contract as soon as the sequence starts
  • Added the images for the flour and chess sequences, as well as the dark background for all item interactions
  • Added unique "voices" for each character, and the internal narration
  • Added Stratoswing logo to the credits


Doomsdate Mac 28 MB
Aug 01, 2023
Doomsdate Windows 22 MB
Aug 01, 2023 Play in browser
Aug 01, 2023

Get Doomsdate: I Accidentally Summoned The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse And Now They Want To DATE Me???

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